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Informational and engaging training is an important component within all successful organizations. The need for consistent messaging within training should always be present, whether the training is an in person live period of instruction, or via eLearning (online digital training course).

We are now pleased to announce that after numerous requests, we are offering our training courses to not only organizations, but also to individuals who wish to acquire the training for themselves, or their loved ones.

I want to personally THANK YOU for taking time to invest in the safety of your employee’s, your family, or yourself!



Moving Beyond Active Shooter: An Employee’s Guide to Personal Safety at Work, at Home, & In-Between (MBAS)

Jerry McCormick

This training is based on 20 years of research and experience in training police officers, teachers, and others about active shooter events - and other critical incidents that they might face. Jerry has interviewed over 10,000 police officers based in the US, Europe, & China to learn why police officers are rarely victims of person on person crime.

The training covers how to assess danger, how to determine how you will respond physiologically to these dangers, how to trust your natural instincts and take immediate action steps to limit or avoid the threat altogether, and how to use buildings and commercial grade construction to make yourself safer and protected from dangers in the event of a dangerous situation.

Distracted Driver Training: Behind the Wheel Safety and Awareness (BTW)

Jerry McCormick

Is My Attention on The Road? How To Stay Safe By Avoiding Common Distractions While Driving.

The purpose of this course is to make drivers aware of the variety of distractions they may face while operating a vehicle. Using that knowledge, drivers should be better equipped to drive defensively to prevent an incident and respond quicker to constantly changing environments while operating a motor vehicle. The ultimate goal is to reduce the likelihood of crashes and mitigate injuries resulting from traffic crashes.

- Any organization with company drivers and vehicles will benefit from this program.
- Parents can proactively help their student driver become much more aware of the serious nature of an
inexperienced driver first learning to operate a vehicle.

Please check with your insurance agent to see if you can get a discount for taking the course.

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