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Jerry McCormick | Work Safety Presentations

Jerry McCormick powerfully transforms lives by training employees about personal security, life-advancing communications and innovative leadership.

Jerry has taught and trained thousands of police officers, teachers and corporate security personnel on response strategies to mitigate violent incidents and other common threats in the home, school and workplace environment.

Jerry then developed a more comprehensive and unique approach that takes personal safety to a new level, with transferable knowledge and skills that participants can learn and apply in their everyday life. His style is engaging, and participants leave feeling more empowered and secure.


Personal Safety in the Era of Active Shooter

Jerry McCormick | Presentation in China

Workplace Employee Safety isn't that complicated. We help you understand how to take the first steps. We start with what a police officer knows to keep you safer based on research of 10,000 police officers around the world. To tie it all together we'll finish with six things to help your employees feel and actually be safer. This session will give you a look at developing or improving your workplace safety program to deal with workplace violence that will give you and your employees the tools to deal with dangerous situations at work, at home, and all the places in between. Jerry has trained corporation, college, schools, and other businesses in the US and Internationally to give practical skills to deal with the myriad of threats in and around us every day.

De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution Training

Personal Safety Speaker | Distracted Driving

This training gives participants the skills to deal with and understanding of signs that a situation is getting out of control and specific steps to deploy to regain control to move forward in a productive way. We share what action steps you should take to improve the situation and communication skills with outsiders and employees alike. How to engage suspicious people, how to use your facility to create space when a situation is getting out of control and response to anger. Learn what is your role in a stressful interaction.

Distracted Driver Training & Turnkey Fleet Safety Program

Personal Safety Speaker | Distracted Driving

The Distracted Driver Course focuses on six key risky behaviors drivers commit while operating a motor vehicle that takes their attention away from safely driving their vehicle. This course will give you real life actions you can take to drive any vehicle much more safely. It offers habits you can form for defensive driving that will help you safely get to your destination. Turnkey Fleet Safety is a holistic look at Fleet Safety to take control of risky operator behaviors and have a clear set of expectations to partner with employees to save on fuel cost, reduce crashes, reduce out of pocket cost, and save lives.

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