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LED Lighting

Did You Know?

Lights can make you sick

  • Eye Strain?
  • Headaches?
  • Anxiety?
  • Distraction?
  • A general feeling of discomfort, illness, or lack of well-being?
  • Even Seizures?

Particularly for those on the autism spectrum.

It’s called flicker and most lights do this. It is being studied and standards are being set to make lighting more healthy. 

BUT only one light is Human-Centric and it’s already certified and guaranteed not to cause these problems, provide more light AND reduce lighting costs by over 80%. Human-Centric Lighting delivers the economy of LED with the full consideration and accommodation of human needs for comfort and safety.

LED Lighting Innovation Designed to Improve Alertness & Enhance Relaxtion

All information on this page is taken from our netZero partner's marketing materials and website.

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